Research Update

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a traditional treatment for inflammatory conditions, and now science is catching up with practice, as the mechanisms underlying its many actions are explored.


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Good Health through Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health; we literally are what we eat. Beyond just eating to survive, we can each have a considerable impact on our own health and quality of life by making the right food choices.


Nutritional therapy aims to optimise health by identifying the optimum nutritional requirements of the individual. We are all unique biochemically; we inherit a set of genes from our parents, but the choices we make can make a considerable difference to how those genes are expressed, and the impact on lifespan and quality of life.


I came into Nutritional Therapy after twenty years working in the biosciences, after looking at my own health and family health history, and realising that prevention was definitely my preferred option. That set me on the path of learning and research that showed me that we can all have an impact on our health by making the right choices.



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Carol Granger

registered nutritional therapist, herbalist

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